Courses Manager, COfO

Yvette is a London-based conductor, organist, and mezzo-soprano. A recent graduate of the University of Cambridge, Yvette read for a degree in Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion, and held the Organ Scholarship at Selwyn College. During her time at Cambridge, Yvette was President of the prestigious Cambridge University Opera Society, Publicity and Fundraising Officer for Sing Inside, Cambridge (a charity bringing singing workshops into prisons), and Evensong Officer for the Minerva Festival (promoting the work of marginalised gender composers in choral music).

As a young organist, she attended a number of Creative Oundle for Organists Summer Schools, and went on COfO Abroad (Leipzig). Having benefitted so significantly from these courses, both musically and socially, Yvette is delighted to be taking on the role of Courses Manager, helping to bring these wonderful and enriching opportunities to even more young organists.